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FAQ’s regarding Pro D received by HR (May 13, 2021)

Any questions regarding pro d please email thinklangley@sd35.bc.ca,


Will  employees be paid to attend District or department organized first aid Pro-D training?

Answer: Employees who are eligible to receive pay to attend Pro-D are paid as outlined in the CA. Those who are not eligible to be paid to attend Pro-D (such as casual employees) will not be paid if they attend Pro-D, regardless of it being first aid or otherwise.


Are term employees eligible for discretionary days?

Answer: Yes. If employees have questions regarding their available bank balances, they should contact Payroll@sd35.bc.ca


Is it mandatory for 1260 employees to attend Pro-D

Answer: Pro-D is a work day so it is expected that employees will make every effort to attend Pro-D or work where work is available, however Pro-D participation is not mandatory.

What options are available to 1260 employees regarding attendance on Pro-D?

Answer: District-wide, Pro-D is a work day. The primary expectation is that all continuing and term employees either participate in Pro-D or work where work is available. As with regular work days, CUPE 1260 employees may request to take the day off:

  • The first option would be to request a discretionary day if the employee has one available. Per the Collective Agreement, discretionary day leave requests must be approved when available.
  • If an employee does not have discretionary days available, they can request another leave, such as general leave, sick-day payout, vacation, etc. These leaves come secondary as they have approval limitations under the Collective Agreement. For example, an approval limitation may include special and unique circumstances, such as with general leave. The District does not consider a request to be absent from Pro-D a special or unique circumstance, especially when that employee is eligible for another leave such as a discretionary day.


If an employee’s first aid is not scheduled to expire this year, do they still have to attend a first aid or other pro-d this year

Answer: If an employee’s first aid is not expiring then there is no mandatory requirement for them to attend. First Aid Pro-D is arranged on multiple dates throughout the school year. Staff who do require first aid are expected to attend one of the District or department arranged first aid pro-d training events prior to their first aid expiring.