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Unless it is SPECIFICALLY written in your job description – driving students is VOLUNTARY.  You do not have to do it.  It is up to each individual; however, the union strongly recommends against it for the following reasons:

 1) ICBC and other insurance will not give us a “blanket” yes/no answer as to whether or not a person driving a student is covered; it depends on the insurance you carry (to/from work; personal only; etc). The union does have personal knowledge of someone who has had their (non ICBC portion) insurance  denied coverage for driving students; ICBC says “it depends”.

Please ensure you contact your own insurance company to discuss your  personal policy to ensure if you are covered or not.  It is not cut and dry.

You MUST carry a higher liability than most personal insurance covers.  The School District will pay the difference – but it is up to you to ensure you have it.

2) District will only pay $200 of a person’s deductible if they are in an accident.  If your deductible is more than $200 – you are on the hook for the rest.  Also, an accident COULD affect your safe driving record and/or your insurance rates could go up in future years – and you are responsible for all those costs.

3) Risk Assessment – is there a safety plan/risk assessment involved?  If a student chokes, has a seizure or other medical emergency while you are driving and/or if you are the only adult in the car with them . . . then what?  What is the plan?  There are many potential hazards that could be involved.

4) Harming a member – it is the union’s assertion that by driving students for a field trip, etc. and the school or district not hiring a bus/driver, we are taking work away from bus drivers.

After taking everything above into consideration, this ultimately is a decision members must make on their own, but the union strongly recommends against it.


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