Collective agreement

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities in the workplace.  If you have any questions or concerns about your rights at work, talk to your Executive at Large or a member of the executive.

Here is the new collective agreement (June 2019-2022)



Our bylaws set out the rules for how our local democratically elects our representatives, and how it is run.

Download the CUPE 1260 Bylaws and Polices & Procedures Dec 2020


February 2017 bulletin – Groups that already have BlueRx


Extended medical benefits are available to all members that have a minimum 17.5 hr continuing position.

Please refer to Article 20 b Health Insurance Benefits in the Collective Agreement for more information about enrollment in this benefit plan.

For information on specific benefits:


Job postings

Job postings are emailed to each member’s work email address. They are also available on the School District website, StaffNet>Staff Admin System>Job Shopping.

Hard copies of job postings shall be placed on Union 1260 Bulletin Boards as per Article 25 b Bulletin Boards.

Postings come out on Tuesday and Thursday each week that postings are available.

Link to Staff Admin System: 




CUPE 1260 will budget a total of $6000.00 Per annum to offer scholarships to CUPE 1260 Members In good standing in the following way:

  • A. 4 x $1000.00 scholarships for Grade 12 students who meet the following criteria:
    1. a child of a CUPE 1260 member (child defined as: Child, Grandchild, Step-Child, Foster-Child)
    2. Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
    3. graduating from high school in the current year
  • B. 2 x $1000.00 scholarship for a current CUPE 1260 member


  • A. The Grade 12 child of a CUPE 1260 member must complete the following in order to be considered for a $1000.00 scholarship:
    1. completed application form submitted by April 15th (download the scholarship application for grade 12 children)
    2. diploma verification report
    3. referral letter from Administrator or Teacher
    4. personal letter of intention for education/training
  • B. The CUPE 1260 member must complete the following in older to be considered for a $1000.00 scholarship:
    1. completed application form submitted by April 15th (download the scholarship application for CUPE 1260 members)
    2. personal letter of intention for education/training

Completed application packages should be emailed to


The scholarship committee will receive and review the application packages.

  • Those with completed application packages (that successfully meet the criteria) will be placed in the draw for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship draws will be held at the May general membership meeting.
  • Upon successfully graduating an official transcript of grades from the Ministry of Education must be submitted along with proof of enrolment at an education or training institution, payout will be issued when transcript, proof of enrolment, an account statement or payment receipt showing tuition, is presented, and should be emailed to
  • The request for payout with required documentation listed above must be submitted to within 2 calendar years from the year in which the scholarship is awarded.


  • the Grade 12 scholarships are not limited to any school districts
  • any post-secondary schooling will qualify, regardless of location or type of training
  • if the course is less than the full scholarship amount (eg. Only $500.00), the full amount can still be accessed upon receipt of school related expenses incurred for attending the course.


CUPE 1260 members, who are in a continuing position of 15 hours or more per week, are covered by the BC Municipal Pension Plan (MPP).

For more information about the plan, pension calculators, and forms, visit the MPP website.


Seniority list

There are separate lists for continuing and substitute employee’s seniority for posting purposes only.

Latest seniority lists can be found on the SD 35 Staff Net under Human Resources, Support Staff