2020-2021 Executive Members

Please DO NOT phone executive members at their work site. Please ensure you are emailing from a personal email account and not the one provided by your employer. For the quickest response please include your POSITION, SITE, and any details you feel are relevant. 

Thank you for contacting us!

President – 

Vice President – Danica Hansen – Hughes

Secretary Treasurer – Anita Nenninger treasurer1260@gmail.com

Recording Secretary –  Cheryl Davies recordingsecretary1260@gmail.com

Executive at Large

  • Amanda Doran
  • Cindy Hof
  • Shelley Sondergaard
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Tyrone Kennedy


  • Debbie Reimer
  • Isabel Kennedy
  • Laruen Mantei

Check your District issued email for up to date information, check the School District website for any new releases to the community.

Up to date information from our K-12 Provincial Committee