AGM – Membership Meeting

May 10, 2021 @ 4:30 pm


General Meetings will be via Zoom until further notice.



  • Members need to rename their zoom name as their first and last name and employee/CUPE number, (ie. Santa Claus 12345)
    • NEW MEMBERS – If you have never been to a membership meeting before please type in last name and employee/CUPE number and NEW (ie. Santa Claus 12345 NEW)
  • Follow link if you need instructions.


  • The reason for this is we need to know who the member is. (I.e. we don’t know who Jon’s iPhone is) There can be no anonymity.  We need to be able to know who each participant is for auditing purposes.


  • Please keep comments respectful and only ask questions at the appropriate time just like you would normally do at a regular in person meeting.


  • The Chat feature will be turned off during the meeting.


  • Members will be muted during this meeting, until recognized by the chair.


  • You must have a mic in order to participate/ask questions in the meeting as the chat feature will be turned off to keep comments respectful and questions The Chair must recognize a member before they have a right to speak, so that all members have a chance to speak.


  • During the meeting If you have a question please use the Raise Hand Feature


  • There will be someone monitoring the participant list and keeping a speakers list.


  • When you are acknowledged by the Chair, you will be unmuted to enable you to ask your question.